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Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Cable - Purple by KnitPro

Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Cable - Purple by KnitPro

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KnitPro Wire / Cable for Interchangeable Circular Needles 76 cm in purple can be combined with all sizes of interchangeable knitting needles.

This allows you to put together just the size of circular needle you need. When the cable is connected to the knitting needles, the total circular needle measures 100 cm. The wire is suitable for larger projects, as there is room for many stitches on the wire.

The two attached stoppers are attached to the end of the wire, allowing the circular needle to function as a regular knitting needle. Putting a stopper at each end of the wire makes it good for holding stitches, while the knitting needles can be used for other projects.

The tension key is inserted into the small hole on the knitting needles or the wire transition to tighten the closure.

Package includes:

  • Wire/Cab 76 cm (Will be 100cm incl. needles)
  • 2 stoppers
  • 1 tension wrench
  • Colour: purple


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